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Apple iPad is a great product but being electronic devices they sometimes malfunction and need repair or replacement of certain parts such as the battery. As you use an iPad, the battery health of the iPad falls with time, and there comes a time when your iPad needs battery replacement service, for this purpose, you should only choose the best battery replacement service in Calgary which is APPLE EXPERT. We can provide you with the best iPad pro battery replacement service for every iPad irrespective of your model and this is only possible because of the experts with decades of experience sitting in our well-cleaned lab that is the ideal place for any kind of repair. The battery of the iPad needs replacement and once a good quality battery is inserted in your iPad, it will surely work for more than a year and will not need another battery replacement service after some time but this is only possible if you contact us as many other battery replacement firms replace the original battery of iPad with a low-quality battery that doesn’t last long.

Which iPad Battery Replacement Service We Provide

From the oldest model of the iPad to the latest model of the iPad, we can repair all of them so you can find a complete solution to all of your problems at APPLE EXPERT Calgary. The biggest advantage of contacting APPLE EXPERT is that we provide you with the best iPad pro battery replacement cost so you don’t have to worry about the iPad battery replacement price, we also provide you with a free estimate of the cost so you can decide whether you want to replace the battery of your iPad or not. To make sure you know which iPad battery replacement we provide, here is the list of all iPads we cover


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iPad Pro Battery Replacement Calgary

This is the list of iPads for which we provide you with quality battery replacement and if you are the one looking for iPad pro battery replacement near me then you should only contact us because we replace the older battery of the iPad with the original battery of the iPad and provide you with a warranty of the battery so that you don’t need battery replacement service for a long time and you can keep using the same device for years.

Symptoms That Indicate Your iPad Needs Battery Replacement

Your iPad will show certain symptoms if it needs a battery replacement and when these symptoms appear you should immediately contact APPLE EXPERT for a cheaper and long-lasting solution so that you can use the same iPad for a longer time and don’t have to stick it to the charger. These symptoms when shown by iPad mean that it needs a new iPad Battery and you should immediately get one to save yourself from a bigger loss. These symptoms are

iPad slows down


The battery doesn’t last longer

Takes too much time to charge

Battery remains low

Shows low battery health

These are the symptoms that indicate the low battery health of your iPad and you should instantly look for a quality battery replacement service so that you can save yourself from a huge loss as overheating can burn certain sensitive chips present on the logic board of the iPad that are too costly.


We are the best iPad data recovery service in Calgary as we have certain features that other data recovery companies do not have which means we are the only firm that has experts with decades of experience in data recovery. These experts are working with the latest technology and in a well-cleaned lab so that they can successfully recover data and provide you with a satisfactory apple iPad data recovery service. Our features are

We have a class 100 lab that is well-equipped which means it is an ideal place for all of your data recovery problems.

We have experts with decades of experience in the data recovery field and this is why many customers of Calgary only contact us when they need data recovery for any device.

We have great customer service which provides instant support and solution to every customer and deal with customers in a humble way.

These are our features due to why everyone only chooses us and never goes anywhere else as our customers love us because of our humble customer service and exceptionally high success rate. Most customers only prefer APPLE EXPERT Calgary for their data recovery because of our clear vision and aim to provide everyone with a great and unmatchable service. 


We specialize in all Mac repairs. We are certified logic board in-house repair service experts. All replacement parts are genuine Apple parts and sold at cost price!! We do not charge for diagnosis or estimates. We offer quick efficient service. We have more than 8 years of Mac products repair experience.

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