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Losing your important data is frustrating whether you’ve lost your data from your iPad or from your other devices because the data recovery process costs a lot and no one can spend so much money on a recovery process that has minimum chances of recovery so to protect you from such iPad data recovery firms APPLE EXPERT is providing you with the excellent service of the data recovery with minimum cost and maximum success rate of 98% which means we have the highest success rate in the whole industry of data recovery.

We don’t only have the highest success rate but we also have the cleanest and the most advanced lab in the whole Calgary and this is the reason why we have the highest number of five-star reviews. So whenever you face a situation where your iPad loses data contact us immediately before it’s too late so that we can recover your data within time and save you from permanent data loss. 

Which IPAD Recovery Do We Support

When we say we provide you with a complete recovery iPad mini service, we mean it. Because we support every model of iPad no matter how old it is or how damaged it is we can recover the data from your iPad with maximum success so when you contact us don’t worry about your data as our experts can recover data from iPad or any kind of device as they have seen every worst scenario and have recovered the data of such devices which other data recovery companies couldn’t recover. So for your reference, we can recover the data from



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iPad Pro Data Recovery Calgary

These are the iPad models from which we can recover the data with great ease but don’t worry as we can recover every iPad and every device with the help of decades of experience from our experts and well-equipped lab that has all the latest technology. 

How We Perform IPAD Data Recovery

When our respected customers approach us with their apple iPad recovery-related problems we provide them with an instant solution by following our simple and easy method that provides satisfactory solutions to all of our customers so that they only prefer us whenever they need to recover data from iPad or any other device. Our simple method for iPad file recovery is 

We first check the device to know whether it is damaged or not and to find out the exact reason for data loss.

After finding out the reason for data loss we calculate the amount of work and time needed for the whole data recovery process.

Based on our calculations we provide you with an estimate so that you can get it done according to your budget.

We also provide our customers with the ease of recovery according to their needs because we recover most data on the same day.

These are the main steps of our iPhone iPad recovery process so that we can achieve maximum success in every case and this is the reason why we have the highest success rate of 98% which is unachievable by any other firm. 


We are the best iPad data recovery service in Calgary as we have certain features that other data recovery companies do not have which means we are the only firm that has experts with decades of experience in data recovery. These experts are working with the latest technology and in a well-cleaned lab so that they can successfully recover data and provide you with a satisfactory apple iPad data recovery service. Our features are

We have a class 100 lab that is well-equipped which means it is an ideal place for all of your data recovery problems.

We have experts with decades of experience in the data recovery field and this is why many customers of Calgary only contact us when they need data recovery for any device.

We have great customer service which provides instant support and solution to every customer and deal with customers in a humble way.

These are our features due to why everyone only chooses us and never goes anywhere else as our customers love us because of our humble customer service and exceptionally high success rate. Most customers only prefer APPLE EXPERT Calgary for their data recovery because of our clear vision and aim to provide everyone with a great and unmatchable service. 


We specialize in all Mac repairs. We are certified logic board in-house repair service experts. All replacement parts are genuine Apple parts and sold at cost price!! We do not charge for diagnosis or estimates. We offer quick efficient service. We have more than 8 years of Mac products repair experience.

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