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Apple devices are great but like any other electronic device, the fact that they are electronic devices makes them ideal to fail under certain circumstances. The most common failure and fear of everyone is the failure of the hard drive as it stores all of your data and important information. If you are also a victim of hard drive failure and want iMac data recovery or MacBook pro data recovery, then APPLE EXPERT should be your top priority as we provide you with the best data recovery solutions in Calgary.

Any type of device with any type of failure is not a problem for our experienced professionals as they use the latest technology available in our lab and can achieve success in data retrieval almost every time.

We can repair and recover files from mac hard drives as we have an exceptional success rate of 98 percent which is possible because of the latest technology used in our high-class lab and the experience of our data recovery experts.

We can recover data from any hard drive no matter how damaged it is or how much old it is.

We cover

Water damaged




Destroyed due to virus

File corruption

File deletion

RAID failure

Firmware corruption

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Hard drive damaged due to these factors as well as other factors that are not mentioned in the list can be recovered easily with a success rate of 98% so you don’t have to worry about mac any recovery mac when you reach APPLE EXPERT as we are the best data recovery experts available in Calgary that you can trust.

How We Perform Any Mac Data Recovery Pro

We follow a professional MacBook recovery procedure with maximum success but before that, we diagnose your device for errors and damages to evaluate the degree of harm your device has got. So after diagnosing the device we evaluate the amount of time and cost of repair so you can get an estimate of any recovery mac from the time of repair to the cost of repair.

Our process is simple and as follows

Diagnosing the device to calculate the level of damage

Finding the reason for data loss

Estimating the cost of repair

Providing you with the best data recovery mac services

These are our simple steps for your recover it mac service so your data is recovered with complete privacy and a maximum success rate.

Macbook Data Recovery
Mac Data Recovery

Apple Mac Data Recovery Files We Support

We support every kind of file and device so you can contact us in every situation, where you need any recovery mac service, without even thinking about whether we can recover that type of file and data or not and this is because we have equipment that recovers every kind of file from every kind of device. For your reference, we support our apple file equipment support







These are the types of files we support and have a great success rate in data retrieval so you can contact us without even thinking for a moment as you cannot find such a great option with this high success rate and cheap price.


We assure the privacy of our customers and recover data with complete security so that the personal data of our valuable customers can be recovered safely without any insecurity or damage to data.

We provide secure iMac recovery without harming the privacy of our customers so they can feel that their precious data is in safe hands and can be recovered easily with a maximum success rate.

We recover data securely by following our security protocols that do not allow access to any personal information or data of our clients to anyone not even the employees of our lab.

How Data Is Lost

Data loss can happen at any moment and at any time as electronic devices get damaged due to even small factors. So there are many factors due to which data can be lost and these factors are

When your device comes in contact with water it may malfunction and water damaged drive can lose data at any time.

When the drive gets damaged physically either by hitting something or when you place a heavy weight on it, the hard drive may malfunction and end up losing all of your important data.

When the drive gets burned completely or partially, data loss is can happen if you treat the burned device improperly.

File corruption can occur at any time and you cannot recover the data from a corrupted file without the help of APPLE EXPERT.

Virus attacks can damage the data of a specific file or the data of a whole hard drive so data loss can happen at any time due to a virus or malware attack.

All these factors can damage your hard drive and can either corrupt your data or delete it permanently but to save yourself from permanent data loss there are certain things that you can do to save your data from permanent deletion and to make apple mac data recovery possible and easy.

What to Do If You Face Mac Hard Drive Failure

You can face hard drive failure at any time so you should know how to save your data from permanent deletion so you can recover your data with maximum chances and reduce the risk of permanent data loss.

These important things are

Turn off your device immediately

Cut off the power supply and don’t turn it on

Do not run data recovery MacBook Pro software to recover your data by yourself

Do not try to run file repair software

Do not try to open or repair your hard drive by yourself.

All these factors can damage the disk and make the recovery process tough and even sometimes result in the permanent deletion of data and the recovery becomes impossible. So to avoid such situations, do the things mentioned above and immediately call APPLE EXPERT CALGARY as we can provide you with the immediate solution of the best data recovery mac service with the help of our best tech-equipped lab and experienced staff.


We specialize in all Mac repairs. We are certified logic board in-house repair service experts. All replacement parts are genuine Apple parts and sold at cost price!! We do not charge for diagnosis or estimates. We offer quick efficient service. We have more than 8 years of Mac products repair experience.

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