Best External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Anyone can lose data sometimes and then it becomes a headache for businesses and even for some locals who have stored some important data in their hard drives, either you can save your data from permanent loss by creating a local backup or you can contact us for the best external hard drive data recovery so we can recover your data as soon as possible and save you from permanent data loss. We use the best method to recover data from a mac hard drive so you don’t have to worry about whether your data will be recovered or not as we have the best success rate of 98% which is an exceptional success rate in the whole industry of data recovery. If you are looking for external hard drive repair near me then you are at the best place as we are the best solution for the data recovery service that can recover data from an external hard drive or any device no matter how damaged it is.

We not only provide you with quality data recovery from an external hard drive but we can also provide you with a quality external HDD repair or external HDD recovery service so you don’t have to go anywhere else for different repairs and recovery services.

Types of External Hard Drive Recovery

We can restore external hard drive from any type of damage no matter how damaged they are and how high the degree of repair they need, using our latest equipment we’ll make it like a new device for you and recover all your previous data so you can continue using it without the fear of data loss.

We are the best external hard disk data recovery service because no other recovery firm in Calgary can recover all types of files from any device. This is the reason why people consider APPLE EXPERT as a solution for all of their data recovery external hard drive and repair-related problems.

The damages we can cover include



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Water damaged

Fire damaged

Physically damaged

Completely destroyed

Malware or virus damaged

Sudden data loss

Damaged due to voltage instability

Formatted disk

external hard drvie data recovery

These are the devices through which we can easily recover the data but don’t worry as we have seen every kind of broken hard drive and have a great experience in the data recovery process so we can retrieve data from external hard drive with the help of the experience of our professionals and the latest technology that is present only in our lab.

So don’t worry if the fault of your device is not mentioned in the list you can just walk into our store with your external hard drive and get a free estimate of the repair cost so that you can decide whether you want to enjoy the best external hard disk recovery service in Calgary or not

How We Recover External Hard Drive Mac

We follow our secure data recovery protocol which ensures the proper security of the information of our customers and their data so every customer can trust us, this is the reason why our old customer trust only APPLE EXPERT when it comes to privacy and secures hard disk recovery mac service.

Our secure data recovery process involves

We diagnose the problem and run several tests to know whether the device can be repaired and recovered or not.

If the device is repairable and recoverable we diagnose it further to know which degree of repair or recovery it needs.

After diagnosing your device and knowing which kind of mac HDD recovery it needs, we give you an estimate of the repair or recovery cost.

All these diagnoses are done to tell you the cost of the recovery process so you can decide whether you want data recovery or not.

We don’t force you into the data recovery process as it is your own choice to recover data from external hard drive mac or not and to make sure you are not forced for the recovery we give you an estimate of the recovery cost before starting the recovery process.


We not only boast about a great external drive recovery service but we prove it to you by providing you the advantage of a no recovery no pay policy so if somehow we are unable to recover your data we won’t charge you a penny for the whole process and this policy shows our confidence on our recovery process. The experience of our experts and the latest technology present in our lab is the reason why we have such a high success rate that no other data recovery firm has. Our core features are

We can provide you with external hard drive replacement or repair on the same day so you don’t have to wait too much for the whole process.

We have the latest technology to ensure successful data recovery from any latest device including any iPhone, iMac, mac, or MacBook pro. So we can easily perform MacBook hard drive recovery

Well-cleaned lab ensures a smooth recovery process without any interference from dust or other damaging factors that can cause further damage to your already destroyed device.

We provide you a free estimate and a no recovery no pay policy that gives you the advantage to save your money if the data is not recovered.

This is how we recover external hard drive mac to provide our customers with a great external drive data recovery service so they can trust us in every recovery process and choose us in the future if they need any service of recovery or repair. This is the reason why we have the best rate of customer preference and to maintain this we provide our regular customers with some special discounts. With all these factors and the advantages that are in the favor of our customers, there is no chance that a customer that has tried our service will go to another data recovery firm.


We specialize in all Mac repairs. We are certified logic board in-house repair service experts. All replacement parts are genuine Apple parts and sold at cost price!! We do not charge for diagnosis or estimates. We offer quick efficient service. We have more than 8 years of Mac products repair experience.

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