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MacBook Pro Graphics Card Repair Calgary

The older MacBooks may develop certain problems especially graphics card problems that cause your MacBook to restart again and again or sometimes it shows the sign of complete death of the graphics card such as an entirely black screen. This problem also causes overheating of your MacBook and fast battery drainage. This issue exists in older macs because of overheating as overheating of the logic board unsolders the graphic card that is soldered to the board using the micro soldering technique. This overheating unsolders the graphic card completely or partially causing serious problems one of which includes continuous restarting of your computer.

Top MacBook Pro Graphics Card Repair in Calgary

If you have a 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, or 2015 15” MacBook Pro, your computer may run into problems with its graphics card. The dedicated graphics card tends to overheat and desolder itself, This issue is extremely common in 15” MacBook Pros older than 2012 and still quite prevalent with newer computers, as based on the design of the dual graphics cards on those logic boards the issue is almost guaranteed to happen at some point.

This failure can create the following problems:

MacBook Stuck on Apple Logo

MacBook Restarts

Pixelated Screen

Lines on Screen

MacBook Stuck on Grey Screen

Kernel Panic

MacBook Does Not Load Operating System

No Power

MacBook Freezing

Many other issues!

These are the symptoms that are shown by your MacBook whenever it has issues with its graphics card and this means you need the best MacBook pro graphics card repair service Calgary which is APPLE EXPERT as no other firm can provide you with a durable repair service. Most repair shops only solder the graphic card again or remove the graphic card that is not a permanent solution as it will happen again after one or two months but APPLE expert repairs the graphic card and provides you with a long-lasting and satisfactory repair service.

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Why Choose Apple Expert

Many stores will offer temporary solutions such as heating up the graphics card in order to ‘reflow’ it, bypassing resistors or replacing the whole logic board altogether. The problem is, these temporary solutions will cause the issue to happen again in 3-4 months, coincidentally right after any store is willing to offer warranty on this type of repair.

Apple Expert has engineered a permanent solution which will ensure that your computer will never have these issues again. By removing the dedicated graphics card from your logic board and redesigning the board to work with the integrated Intel graphics. We have completed thousands of these repairs without ANY issues, meaning your computer will work flawlessly once the repair is completed. You will experience better battery life, no overheating and no logic board failure again with this permanent repair. Not only that, we are so confident in this repair we back every graphics card fix with a full 1 year warranty, as long as a brand new computer! There is no other store in all of Western Canada that will offer this repair as it is a complex one which was entirely created in shop.

If you have any questions about this repair or about how your machine is running, we would love to talk with you about it over the phone or in store.


We specialize in all Mac repairs. We are certified logic board in-house repair service experts. All replacement parts are genuine Apple parts and sold at cost price!! We do not charge for diagnosis or estimates. We offer quick efficient service. We have more than 8 years of Mac products repair experience.

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