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Anyone can lose data from their USB stick at any time so you can either create a local backup of your important data or you can contact us for immediate help. If you are one of those who have not made a local backup of their data and have lost it due to any reason, then it is recommended to call us immediately so that we can recover deleted files from USB flash drive immediately with a maximum success rate.

Frequent usage of any device increases the chances of failure and in the case of USB, the usage is too frequent as you attach this device to any computer without knowing whether that computer has a virus or not. Attaching your USB stick to any computer that has static electricity can damage it and remove all your data. If this has happened to you, we recommend you give a call to the best USB data recovery service in Calgary and that is APPLE EXPERT Calgary.

USB flash drives are small but useful devices as they can carry a huge amount of data and allow you to transfer it from one computer to another by carrying it with you so your useful data travels with you.

Reasons of USB Hard Drive Data Recovery

USB is a small device and can be damaged easily by certain factors such as electricity and viruses and sometimes due to any physical damage. So the data stored in this USB stick will be lost easily, to save your important data contact us immediately so we can recover lost data from USB within time and as soon as possible to save you from permanent data loss.

Some factors that can damage your USB stick are

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Static electricity

Unsafe removal of the stick


Physical damage


Water damaged sticks

Board damage

USB Data Recovery

These are some of the main factors due to which the data of a USB is lost but don’t worry about the data loss that happened due to the above-mentioned factors as we can restore deleted files from USB drive with maximum success and if the reason due to which the data is lost from your USB is not mentioned don’t worry as we can still fix it because we have seen every scenario of failure and we know how to deal with any scenario of data loss. This is the reason we have the highest success rate of 98% which is an exceptionally high success rate in the industry of data recovery and no other firm has such a high success rate.

How We Undelete USB Files

We follow our simple procedure of data imaging so we can get the exact image of your data and recover it for you but before that, we diagnose your USB stick to check for the damage and cause of data loss. If the stick is damaged and needs repairs don’t worry as we provide you with the best USB repair service in Calgary using our latest technology and the decades of experience of our experts. But if your data is lost because of some other reasons such as viruses, malware, and improper removal then we use our best skill of programming to recover your important data.

This is the simple method we use for the best USB recovery

We diagnose your USB stick and check for damages and the reason for the data failure to know which kind of repair or recovery is needed to bring back all of your important data.

After diagnosing the USB stick we provide you with an estimate of the repair or the USB hard drive data recovery cost so you can decide whether to repair or recover your USB stick or not.

After this, we repair your stick if it is physically damaged or damaged due to static electricity and recover your data by using programming algorithms so that the data can be recovered with a maximum success rate.

But if your stick is not physically damaged and data loss happened due to some other reasons like malware or viruses we simply recover your data by creating an image of the data so all of your data can be recovered with no chance of loss.

These are the steps we follow for USB thumb drive recovery so you can trust us by looking at our success rate of 98% which is achieved by using this method. But if your USB stick is damaged you can still contact us as we provide you with the best quality USB flash drive recovery and repair so you can get all the services in one place that is perfect for every kind of technology-related device.

Why Choose Us to Recover My USB

To trust any firm in the data recovery industry you need some solid proof so that the firm doesn’t end up losing your data permanently, for the proof, we have hundreds of 5-star reviews and more than thousands of satisfied customers from all over Calgary and other cities. We have the best customer return rate which means the customer that has tried APPLE EXPERT once will surely return again for any data-related problem because of our great customer service and professionals that never fail to recover your important data.

Certain reasons to choose our service are

The main reason to choose us is the fact that we have the highest success rate of 98% in the whole data recovery industry.

We have the latest technology and a well-equipped lab in which we have the best data recovery professionals with decades of experience that are ready to recover your data with maximum success.

Our lab is the cleanest lab in Calgary with the best customer service that is ready to provide you with the best possible solution to your data recovery problems.

These are the core features that make everyone love us and because of these features, many locals of Calgary only prefer APPLE EXPERT Calgary whether they need repairs or recovery of their important data with maximum success rate.


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