Windows 10 Data Recovery and Restore

How to recover data from the Apple Hard Drive on windows? This is often challenging and a person with only basic knowledge of the recovery process cannot recover data with maximum success, if someone with no knowledge of data recovery in windows 10 tries to recover the data, the person will surely end up losing its important data permanently. Whether it is your business system or your home pc, all you need is an expert with professional experience so that you don’t end up erasing your files permanently.

APPLE EXPERT has professionals with a lot of experience who have seen every scenario so they know how to deal with every situation of data loss.

We not only have experienced professionals but we also have all other things that increase the chances of data rescue from windows, these things are class 100 lab and the equipment which are the latest and support every kind of device from windows to a mac.

Our latest equipment is great when it comes to the recovery process and when this kind of equipment is operated by professionals with decades of experience there is no chance that you end up losing your data.

How we provide Data Rescue Windows Service

We offer the best mac data recovery for windows so you can trust us for all of your data recovery or data migration needs. We can not only recover your important data but can also transfer this data to your desired device so you don’t need to put your efforts into data migration, all of your workloads are on us and we are striving to provide our customers with the best services so they can trust us.

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We can restore data from windows 10 so you can easily shift your setup from apple to windows. We provide you with the service of data rescue windows for your mac or we can also recover your lost data from the mac for your windows or pc. Some of the general migrations we provide are

Windows Data Recovery

Active Directory Migrations

Windows to Mac Migration

VMWARE data Migration

DBF data Migration

Mac to Windows Migration

Oracle server and database migration

SQL Server Migrations

File Server Migrations

External drive data Migration

DNS Server Migrations

DHCP Server Migrations

Hyper-V Migrations

NPS Migrations

Remote Deskop Services Migrations

Print Server Migrations

Data Distribution Service

Database Normalization


Storage Transformation

Software Migration

Operating System Upgrades

Hardware Upgrades

Physical-to-Cloud data backup

This is the list of data migration we provide but our migration service is not limited to this list as we provide you with every kind of data migration so that you can contact us in every situation and whenever you need a restore Calgary ne service or data migration service.

We are a complete service as we also recover your data from all the devices and all operating systems while we support every device and every version of the operating system because our lab is equipped with the latest tech that is unavailable in most of the labs that are present in Calgary.

How We Perform Data Recovery for Windows

We use a simple and fast method to restore data windows 10 with a maximum success rate so that our service never disappoints our customers and customers remember our name whenever they need Windows data recovery or data migration service.

We work effectively to reduce the cost of recovery and charge you lesser than any other data recovery firm so you reach out to us in every situation whether you need a quality repair or want to recover the data from your computer, mac, or mobile phone.

Our working method is as follows

We diagnose your device and estimate the degree of data loss that occurred to your device.

Then we estimate the amount of time it needs to recover complete files.

After that, we provide you with a written estimate of the cost for the whole data recovery process after which you can choose whether to recover data or not.

Our professionals will recover the data for you in a minimum time with a maximum success rate.

This is our simple and easy method to recover all your important data within a minimum time so you can rest while we do the important work of data recovery for you.


We specialize in all Mac repairs. We are certified logic board in-house repair service experts. All replacement parts are genuine Apple parts and sold at cost price!! We do not charge for diagnosis or estimates. We offer quick efficient service. We have more than 8 years of Mac products repair experience.

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Our technicians will speak directly to you with any technical problem you have.

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